Relaxing Last Minute Summer Retreats

hammockRelax in the mountains surround by lush trees and rushing rivers then head to the amazing Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. Stay in the trees at one of these cozy lodges in the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth. There’s just something about the crisp mountain air that will clear your mind, body and soul and leave you feeling refreshed. For a swedish or hot stone massage and a facial check out Enchanted in Leavenworth in the village or head to the spa at Sleeping Lady Resort for their signature jade treament. The stone is a symbol of mortality that is known to melt away tension and boost circulation. Indulge in a number of other natural, holistic  services as well, all inspired by the surrounding nature. Take a rejuvenating stroll through the woods in any of these nearby Leavenworth hiking trailsafterward. Studies have measured significant changes in stress levels in people who regularly take walks in nature, specifically forests. This practice of taking short, leisurely walks in the forest is known as forest bathing and there are plenty of opportunities for it in Leavenworth.

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